06 août 2008

Y'a pas que New York dans la vie...

... Y'a le New Jersey aussi !
Un petit article de Time Out reprend les indispensables a faire sans aller a Miami ou passer des heures en voiture pour aller jusqu'a Cape Cod.

...Miami Beach: Copacabana decor combines with Jersey's widest beach for a Floridian feel, minus the hurricane risk.
...Côte d’Azur, France: Anchored by Pier Village, a glistening new shopping and dining development, this up-and-coming destination lacks everything but the A-list visitors.
...Cape Cod: You don't need to drive hours up the coast for barrier-island beaches and cozy summer seclusion.
...Cancun: Carloads of tanned revelers make for a constant party scene.By Jonathan Shannon
Best of the Jersey shore: Whether you want to pig out, relive your youth or cruise for a sleazy hookup, we have the right places for you.
Quiz: Jersey or advertising model?: Plenty of boardwalk strutters think they should be models. Can you distinguish them from the real thing?
Jersey shore dining: A fast-food fanatic skips the chains for the Jersey Shore’s authentic delicacies.
Ocean Grove: Are you there, God? It’s me, New Jersey.
Sandy Hook: Pack some sunblock but leave your swimsuit at home: Clothing is optional at this pristine Jersey beach.
L'article originel est ici !
Merci a Magali pour le tip...

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