4 juin 2008

Ne pas confondre

Pour ceux d'entre vous qui connaissent l'anglais de Shakespeare et se preparent a affronter celui de Bush, voici un petit lexique des differences qu'il est interessant de connaitre*avant* de partir !
Problem Word In US this Means In UK this Means
Bathroom A room with a toilet A room with a bathtub
Billion A thousand million A million million (dated)
Bomb Big failure Great success
Braces Wire device worn to straighten teeth Straps worn to hold up trousers (US, suspenders)
Bum Homeless person The buttocks
Cider Non-alcoholic beverage made from apples Alcoholic beverage made from apples
Corn Maize Wheat or oats
Cot Small, collapsible bed Small bed for a baby (US, crib)
Decorator Person whose job is to plan the decorations for homes and offices Person whose job is to paint homes and offices
Enjoin Prohibit Require
Fag Rude word for a homosexual man Cigarette
Faggot Rude word for a homosexual man Sausage patty; sticks of wood used as fuel for a fire
Fanny The buttocks (Vulgar slang) The female genitalia
First Floor Street level One floor up from street level
Football Sport in which competitors savagely brutalize one another while spectators look on Sport in which spectators savagely brutalize one another while competitors look on
Gallon 3.8 liters 4.5 litres
Garden Plot of land used to cultivate vegetables or flowers Plot of grass adjacent to a house (US, yard)
Haberdashery Men's clothing; a shop that sells men's clothing Sewing supplies; a shop that sells sewing supplies
Hamper Large basket for dirty clothing (clothes hamper) Large basket for food (picnic hamper)
Homely Ugly Pleasant (US, homey)
Hump (Vulgar slang) Have sex with Carry a heavy object
Inside Lane Lane nearest center of road Lane nearest side of road
Jelly Fruit preserve Gelatin
Jumper Sleeveless dress worn over a blouse Knitted pullover (US, sweater)
Knickers Short trousers Woman's undergarment
Knock Up Impregnate 1. Awaken by knocking on the door
2. In tennis, a warm up session
3. Prepare hastily
Lemonade Non-carbonated beverage Carbonated beverage
Momentarily In a moment For a moment
Moot Not worthy of discussion Worthy of discussion
Nick Man's name 1. Steal
2. Catch someone committing a crime
3. Prison
Overalls Loose-fitting trousers with a bib front and shoulder straps Coat-like outer garment worn to protect clothes (US, smock)
Pants Trousers Woman's or man's undergarment
Paraffin Candle wax Oil distilled from petroleum or shale (US, kerosene)
Pasties Small adhesive coverings for the nipples worn by exotic dancers Meat- or vegetable-filled pastry dish
Pavement Paved surface of road Paved walkway beside road (US, sidewalk)
Pissed Angry Inebriated
Poof Exclamation used to express that something has happened suddenly or magically Rude word for a homosexual man
Pot Plant Marijuana plant Potted plant
Precinct City district, for electoral or police administration purposes Pedestrian shopping area
Presently Now Soon
Public School State school Private school
Punter (Football) Player who performs a kick in which the ball is dropped and kicked before it reaches the ground Customer or gambler
Randy Man or woman's name Libidinous
Revise Correct or update Review
Robin Larger bird, symbol of Spring Smaller bird, symbol of Christmas
Rubber Condom Eraser
Semi Tractor-trailer Semi-detached house
Shag A type of dance (Vulgar slang) Sexual intercourse
Sick Unwell Nauseated
Slate List of candidates Criticize
Sod Turf Unpleasant person (deriv. sodomist)
Spunk Courage (Vulgar slang) Semen
Stuffed Full from overeating Part of a rude expression: "Get stuffed!"
Subway Underground railway Underground walkway
Suspenders Straps worn to hold up trousers Straps worn to hold up stockings
Table Set aside Bring to a vote
Tick off Make angry Reprimand
Vest Garment worn over a shirt Garment worn under a shirt
Wash Up Wash hands and face Wash dishes after a meal
Yard An area of land next to a building which is covered with grass An area of land next to a building which is covered with concrete

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