21 janvier 2006

NYC Winter Restaurant Week 2006

New Yorkers are oddly loyal (to a point of suspicion) when it comes to their favorite restaurants. For instance: You claim to have personally discovered the best Italian, Chinese, and Mediterranean in the entire city.
And, conveniently, they’re all located in the three-block radius around your apartment.
Come now. In the name of culinary integrity, it’s time to branch out.

NYC Winter Restaurant Week is coming to expand your palate (and your neighborhood). So clear your calendar (and start fasting), because from January 23-27 and January 30-February 3, you can experience the quality, variety, and hospitality that make New York the Dining Capital of the World.
Two hundred of New York’s finest restaurants and most talented chefs will offer three-course lunches for $24.07 and/or three-course dinners for $35 (beverage, tax, and gratuity are additional). Why $24.07, you ask? Not just so you could afford to expand your culinary horizons, but as a shout out to the city that never sleeps (24/7, get it?).
With such an offer, you can taste just how great great food is, no matter the size of your wallet. Check out nycvisit.com
for details and participating restaurants. The site links directly to opentable.com (so you can make reservations instantly online).

How to get a New Yorker to leave their ’hood?
Challenge their pick for best sushi in the city.
For your Winter Restaurant Week Guide call (800-NYC-GUIDE). Visit Opentable.com for a list of participating restaurants and to make your reservations online. For all that’s happening in NYC, go to nycvisit.com.
Source : dailycandy.com

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