24 juillet 2008

Apprenez le chinois (bis)

La suite, pour Chinatown et tout le reste, a lire la encore a haute voix comme si vous lisiez de l'anglais pour le bon accent !

Jesus Child
Give me the money!
Where´s the restroom?
I absolutely agree!
Dogshit under my shoe
Stop teasing me!
Annoying kid
Go for a ride for free
My friend is homo
Your price is too high
That was an unauthorized execution
You are not very bright
I am not guilty
Please, stay a while longer
They have arrived
Having an early orgasm
Saying the same thing
Are You horny?
You´re just so stupid
I just get drunk so easy
Oh, You´ve been smoking as well?
I´ve got something in my eye
Now I understand
Pretty and romantic sky tonight!
Let´s get outta here!
Look at that Ferrari!
I´m just so horny
Microsoft sucks!
He´s extremely ticklish!
Is'nt it cold to pee outdoor?
This got to look like an accident
Has your flight been delayed?
I didn´t know that You could sing?
I got this for free
This bathroom stink!
Fun Toi
Ho Li Boi
Pei Nau
Ai Pe Nau
No Daut
Stin Kin Puh
Tat Nut Fun
hit Tat Boi
Hit Hai King
He Gai
Ai No Bai Dam Ting
Lin Ching
Yu So Dum
Wai Hang Mi
Wai Go Nao
Hia Dei Kum
Kum Tu Suun
Ri Pi Ting
Yu Har Dik
Fak Ju
On Li Tu
Ju Tu Hai
Aut Mai Ai
Ai See Nau
Mun So Brait
Fa Kin Run
Big Boi Toi
Ma Dik Big
Fa Kin Kom Pu Da
Jum Pin Hai
Wai Ju Ding So Tai Nee
Hit Mai Ai
Hao Long Wei Ting
Wai Yu Sing Dum Song
Ai No Pei
Hu Flung Dung

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