29 octobre 2006

Use your guts on Wikiality

Une bio interessante de Bush ? Sur Wikiality, petit frere erzatz de Wikipedia.
Je vous retranscris juste le caption sous la photo... "President Bush trying to block out the voices from his brain, to better heed the voices from his gut."
J'ai decouvert le site lundi dernier...
Une introspection si vous avez envie d'aller y faire un tour, voici leur texte de presentation :
Welcome to Wikiality, the Wiki dedicated to upholding and documenting truthiness.
Wikiality isn't about what "factonistas" might sneeringly deride using phrases like:
"statistical trends", or
the "objective truth", or
"For the last time, President Bush doesn't have a 102% approval rating!"
There's a level of truth and meaning beyond (and, really, having little or nothing to do with) what's "demonstrably true",
and that's what we're dedicated to keeping track of.
If you feel something strongly in your gut, or would like to help us keep track of the strong gut feelings of our dear friend Stephen Colbert, feel free to jump in and help out.
So, if you can handle the truthiness, take a gander at the articles we've created so far as a good place to start,or maybe just create your own.
And remember, when writing, don't use your brain; use your gut.
Bon. Un peu d'American Bashing dans ce monde de brutes anti-French, en somme.

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