24 novembre 2006

Key West ou une Playstation 3 ?

Pas de newsletter aujourd'hui, quand vous me lirez je serai sous le soleil de Key West, le bout du bout de la Floride

(c'est le petit point rouge tout en bas). Pour info, et juste aussi pour vous enerver, ca ressemble a ca et c'est exactement pour ca qu'on y va :

Donc vous aurez de mes nouvelles en fin de semaine prochaine. Mais comme je suis une fille sympa, je vous donne, trouve par mon cheri sur le Oueb, 10 bonnes raisons d'acheter une PS3 aux encheres sur Ebay.
Bon week-end !
10. You can buy from a celebrity
From the auction: "If you live in the Portland Metro area you know who I am; I was the guy that you saw standing in line at Best Buy on Airport Way. I was there from Monday 10pm until the release Friday morning at 8am; it was incredible. I am certain you are aware of the obvious over saturation of the PS3 marketplace here on eBay. This being the case, I am not letting this package go for anything less then $5000."Yours for: $5000

9. Finance a college fund
From the auction: "The reason I am setting up this auction is to fund my children's college fund. I have 4 beautiful children and would like them to have a great future."Yours for: $1,000,000

8. Get a free car
From the auction: "Now for your bonus: 1994 BMW 540i Oriental Blue exterior with light gray leather interior. Makes any trip fast! 134,000 miles. Runs and Drives with excellence!"
Yours for: $9500

7. Deduct your PS3 from taxes
From the auction: "I am involved with an organization called Younglife that I am giving 90% of the $ to. I am keeping 10% of the money. $5000. I will be using that money to move my wife and [me] to Arizona."
Yours for: $50,000

6. Get your PS3 from Santa, Mrs. Clause and four Elves
From the auction: "We will personally delivery this package to the winning bidders' house, anywhere in the world, on Christmas morning. We will be showing up as Santa Clause with Mrs. Clause & 4 Elves. We have contacted a world news broadcasting company in hopes of having them cover this story on Christmas morning ... Obviously this will be a big moment for you and your family and we are dedicated to making this the most memorable Christmas ever." Yours for: $1,750,000

5. Get a Playstation 3 and Wii for every TV in your house
From the auction: "5 60GB PS3 and 1 20GB PS3 for $14,000.00 or accepted best offers $12,000.00 and above get 6 Wii and 6 TMX Free"
Yours for: $12,000

4. Be proud of having bought the most expensive PS3 From the auction: "You will have bragging rights. You can say you spent X amount of dollars on a PS3. This auction will get on the news. You will be known worldwide."
Yours for: $125,000

3. Thanksgiving is just around the corner
From the auction: "Help me afford my Turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken, wrapped in bacon, filled with ranch dressing and cheese. It sounds delicious. I want one, and I want to invite Stephen Colbert to dinne[r]! Make it happen!"
Yours for: $5700

2. Fund someone's movie career
From the auction: "My brother and I are aspiring movie writers/directors and I am doing this to help make that a reality."
Yours for: $25,000

and finally ... drumroll please ... you should buy a PS3 on Ebay because ...

1. Some PS3 sellers are very sensitive
From the auction: "Why should I listen to the negativity that other people has to throw at me? Why should I lower my price based on what 10 people think? Who are they to tell me what to do? As far as I know, I live in a country filled with hopes and dreams. I'm proud to live in a country with so much freedom. Why should I give up my hopes, dreams, and freedom, because of people that just want to be hurtful! So I'm going to exceed my own limitations and do what I wanted to do. I'm not being greedy or needy. Like I said, it's a free country so I can do whatever I wish to do. Whether this thing sells for 1,000,000 or a dollar, it's only money. And yes, in the end, this is only a toy with a retail value of $599."
Yours for: $1,000,000

Vous l'aurez compris, avec ne serait ce que $600, je pars me dorer au soleil au lieu d'attendre une console de jeux a la maison. Chacun son truc ! 

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