19 juin 2007

Quel est votre age new-yorkais ?

On peut faire le test sur le site de Time Out new York, et, oui, j'ai encore pique cette bonne idee a Jean-Philippe (oui je sais c'est vilain mais c'etait vraiment une bonne idee).
J'ai aime la question 26 :

26. How do you usually take your caffeine?
Bref, on est toujours a NY...
(j'aurais bien dit diet coke mais du coup j'ai repondu the ou cafe !)

Your New York age is 41

This New York age puts you-generally speaking-into the old-age category. Don't worry-this isn't a bad NYC age to be. Your tastes are more refined and developed, and people have always told you that you're mature for your age anyway, right? Still, you may want to see more live music (check out Studio B) and should probably visit Superdeluxe.com. Olde English is funny at any age.
Does your age reflect how you're living? Let us know.
Learn about the methodology behind this quiz here.

Want to share your New York age with your friends, or suggest they take this quiz? If your email program can send messages in HTML format, copy the code in the box below and paste it into the body of a new message. (If you don't know what we're talking about, click on your age icon above—this will return you to the beginning of the quiz—and just email the link.)

En attendant j'ai pris une bonne baffe et 16 ans en plus. Paf ! Je boude !!
Mais je me rassure parce queni  Jean-Philippe et Carine n'ont vraiment fait mieux que moi.

Faire le test sur le site de Time Out NY.

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