16 juillet 2006

Le New Jersey, c'est wild...

Qui l'eut cru ?
Bear Sighting at [a big labo pharma dont nous tairons le nom]
Just a heads up for everyone when you are walking on-site. Monday and Tuesday of this week we had reportings of black bear sightings. On Monday at the Rt xx entrance and on Tuesday morning at the Rt xxx entrance.
Security responded to both sightings, but by the time they arrived, the bear had disappeared.
Please use caution when walking, try to walk with someone. In most cases, the bear will avoid human contact, so there should not be any problem. It probably would be good to carry a cell phone with you. If you should see the bear during your walk, please contact Security.
Et la reponse d'un des employes
I saw a coyote or hyena here on last Wednesday. It crossed the road at the xx node entrance approximately at 8:20 AM while I was driving in. More likely a coyote because I don't think there is any hyena here in north America.
Bien contente de travailler a Manhattan parfois !

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